Focus on my research

Hold on ! "Protest" and "Science" ? What's the link ?
Well, my main focus is computational social science, espacially complex systems such as urban networks. I focus on pedestrian dynamics in cities, using tools from graph theory, game theory and statistical physics, to measure the impact of a given protest or demonstration.

I know, my work doesn't look like computer stuff. Hopefully, I have this saying on my side :

Ā«Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopesĀ».

A glimpse at my work 📖

The main hypothesis we tackle is the following.
Can an impacting urban network disruption emerge from a simple and decentralized collective tactic ?

In other words, imagine people following the same walking rules. Can they spontaneously gather and move in mobile groups that will block roads and impact traffic?
Have I aroused your curiosity ? Then you can download my intership thesis presenting our first investigations regarding the quantitative impact of protests. Our job has mainly been to establish the state of the art concerning this question. More precisly, we connected it with an already existing litterature regarding random walks and city models.

What about exemples ?

Mainly pictures of multi-agents simulations and graph instances of cities.

Some more details

We started this work as no one seems to have studied protests from the point of view of evaluating the direct impact a mutli-agent system on a urban network generated with real world data. Below I leave you a few informations on our work and my reseach. Future documentation will be implemented to use our work.


Our city graphs are generated with data from OpenStreeMap. More real world features can be added using opendataParis.

Technical issues

My work is still in progress. Articles have still not been published, and bugs can be found in the simulations. Patience folks, we will improve !


What about doing science and having fun ? This is participative science ! We intend to build a game-like interface, allowing people to test different tactics to evaluate their impacts.


If you use my work, you can cite it. But why do you ask yourself such a question ? Work is still in progress I said !


You can leave me a message or contact me by mail at guill****.moi**** if you have any question regarding my work.


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